Elastomer Cutting System

For Roller Grooving



As a state-of-the-art approach to thermocutting, our system has been designed especially for the rubber roller industry to provide an advantageous method of machining elastomers in operations such as single-pass grooving, and rapid removal of excess material prior to final grinding.

A custom designed tool-post can either be permanently bolted onto the main operating machine such as lathe, or can serve as a quickly removable attachment to a grinding station(s), etc.

Flexible design of the tool holding assembly accommodates tools with a wide array of shapes and sizes, and allows for easy position adjustment for almost any cutting operation.

Our patented* blades are durable and concentrate heat specifically on the very cutting edge, thus ensuring smoke-free operation.

Thanks to this new technology your company can increase productivity, reduce clean-up time, and save on labor and energy costs. With this machine grooving or roughing takes minutes instead of hours! Contact Prosco Inc. for more information or a demonstration.

* US Patent #6,230,603



Innovative Roller Production Technology