Crown Grinding

Crowning Stage Attachment



  • 14mm (1/2") Max Crown
  • 7.5Hp Motor Standard
  • 250-300mm (10-12") Diameter Wheels
  • Rear or Front Mounting
  • 220/460V 3ph
  • Taper Compensation
  • Metric and English Units
  • Encoder

• Easy to Install •
• Versatile • Affordable •
• Accurate • Simple to Operate •


The PROSCO Inc. Compact Crowning Attachment is an innovative attachment for lathes, which provides a versatile, simple to operate, accurate, and affordable solution for fully electronic crowning of rollers. This electronically controlled attachment produces all crown profiles used by the roller industry, and offers taper compensation.


  • 10Hp Motor
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Other Voltages
  • Profile Compensation
  • Spanish, French, and Other Languages Available
  • Swing-Arm Mounted Controls

Innovative Roller Production Technology