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The multi-purpose design can be used with standard grinding wheels for grinding, belt grinding with a rubber contact wheel, and tilted for slack-belt polishing. The compact design makes installation quick and simple since there are no separate control cabinets.

A conveniently located modern touch screen interface panel makes operation very user-friendly, while an tracks the linear position of the grinder to assure accurate and repeatable crowning. (Also offered without the crowing option)

• C100mm (4”) Max Crown on Dia.
• 10Hp Grinder Motor
• Accepts 350mm (12”) Dia. Wheels
• Accepts 75mmx2m Belts
• Touch Screen Panel
• Compact Design
• Easy Installation
• Rear or Front Mounting
• 220V, 380V, 460V 3ph
• Adjustable Speed (6,000 Rpm Max)
• Taper and Profile Compensation
• Metric and English Units
• Encoder



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