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PROSCO Inc. is a distributor and qualified intstaller
of Vacon X4 Series AC Drives.


• Simple operation using standard TB
Wood’s/Vacon programming

• Multi-language display - no codes to learn

• Standard NEMA 4X / IP66 enclosure

• Suitable for normal high-pressure washdown
applications - 1,000 PSI from 6 inches

• Rugged covers designed to withstand
tough environments

• Double labyrinth seal to keep dust, dirt,
oil and water from entering the enclosure

• No external fans mean one less maintenance
item to worry about on 1 - 5 HP models

• Standard Built-In Dynamic Braking Resistors
virtually eliminate nuisance trips, providing
more uptime.

What Are AC Drives?

AC drives control the speed of either an induction motor
or a synchronous motor by adjusting the frequency
of the power supplied to the motor.

Benefits of using AC drives for roller grinding applications:

• Flexible adjustment of the speed of the grinding
wheels to control vibration, chatter, and finish

• Achieving grinding wheel speeds up to
7,000 rev/min

• Stopping heavy steel tungsten carbide grinding
wheels quickly with built-in braking resistor

• Continuous display of grinder speed-
RPM(rev/min) and grinder load-Amp

Vacon X4 drives can be also installed
on existing grinders.

We provide programming and installation services
and technical support.

Typical AC Drive Installation

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